Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Story

Hi this is your fashionista from Charlotte, North Carolina. I was originally born in Panama City, and no not in Florida but Panama in Central America. I always get that “Oh your from Florida” lols. I’m beautifully mixed with Latin so I consider myself a very diverse person with life and with fashion as well. I knew that fashion was my calling when I couldn’t stop thinking about fashion for a day straight. I was always looking at fashion magazines, designs, and looks. This fascination with fashion began in my apparel design classes at Olympic High School where I was exposed to the construction of apparel. I currently attend the Art Institute of Charlotte, majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management. I’m so ecstatic because I graduate this summer with a Bachelors degree of Art. When I graduate I would like to work in Fashion Marketing. I have worked in retail for the most part, and have seen different aspects in the retail world as far as visual merchandising such as dressing and changing mannequins, tables, and working with managing a store department. I take pleasure in looking at various magazines and fashion shows for inspirational fashion looks as well as artwork, and design. I enjoy learning about fashion every day, and I want to share my knowledge and advice with my readers; I want them to walk away with something unique that they could incorporate into their fashion lifestyle. I shop at various stores, my personal style would be modern vintage chic, I don’t rely only on trends for my personal style, but I like to incorporate them with different styles and accessories. Well that’s my story, and thanks for reading.


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I'm a 25 year old Fashion/Beauty blogger from Charlotte, NC.