Thursday, February 3, 2011

5 Must-Try Nail Trends

Hi ladies you all have got to try these manicures they are not hard to achieve. These manicure looks are bold and are sure to make a statement with many of your current fashion looks. These manicures represent some of New York Fashion Week's Spring 2011 nail trends.

1. Moon Manicures-The moon manicure is fun and brings a vintage chic feel with many color combinations: I wanted to do this look with vibrant shades of purple for the spring. I tried this look in Orly Purple Pleather for the moon and China Glaze Coconut Kiss for the rest of the nail.

Tip-Here is simple way I achieved this look; you want to apply your first coat of nail polish that you want your moon color to be, then place a circle sticker which you can buy at an office supply store or dollar store towards the bottom half of your finger nail where your cuticle is, then apply the other nail polish that will cover most of the nail over the sticker and the first coat; let it dry then you want to peel the sticker off to reveal the  moon color and finish off with a with a top coat of your choice. If you would like to achieve this look free hand I would suggest using a nail art pen. 

2. Glitter—A sparkle of glitter can spice up any nail color for this Spring 2011. You can try this glitter manicure all over your finger nail or do a glitter French manicure. Many nail polish brands have come out with glitter combined with the nail color; some have large confetti glitter in them as well. You can also purchase glitter for this look and sprinkle it on top or of your favorite nail polishes if you don’t want to buy the polishes with glitter in them . A Glitter manicure will sure to make you sparkle and shine.

Tip- For a simple glitter French manicure apply your base coat, your color nail coat then apply clear coat on the tip of your finger and dip finger in glitter and tap off access on a piece of paper. I purchased a small case of Sally Girl glitter.

3.Pop Art Designs-This spring you must try pattern play, art deco and pop art designs. Try pop art graphics in bright pastels like pink and blues. If you’re feeling wild and adventurous this spring I suggest you try a colorful cheetah, zebra, diagonal stripes or polka dot nail trends.

Tip: The way I achieved this look is by using L.A color art deco nail art lacquer in black, the thin brush gives very precise lines for sharp, and fluid designs for your nails.

4.Neutrals- Neutral manicures come in many shades just as humans do, so you want to try and get a neutral nail polish that compliments with your skin tone. This spring keep up with the natural spring season and try these neutral colors.

5. Decals- There are a variety of nail decals for these spring you must try flower decals and diamond decals to give your manicure an extra touch of spring glam.

Tip:  Apply strong nail glue to the decal to ensure it won’t come off. Then apply a fast-drying topcoat over nails to set everything in place, and for removal soak nails in acetone for 1 minute. You could also buy nail decal bonder/topcoat  polish, and apply one or two coats to seal the decals if you don’t want to use nail glue.

Hope you ladies enjoyed!


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