Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Avant Garde Fashion Head-shots

For my fashion styling class we had to do a conceptual, visual interpretation of Avant Garde through a fashion photo. Avant Garde is a French word for advanced forward thinking by an individual or group of people; Avant Garde can be represented in several fields such as art, fashion, architecture and politics.  For this project I had three words to analyze and relate back to my main theme/concept that I came up with. The three words were Look Book, Headshot, and Concept. From those three words what they all had in common was the combination of innovation, and creativity with experimental techniques of an expression to a culture. I had to then create photos that had a concept with visual and artistic value. I decided that I wanted to incorporate two different elements which were makeup and fashion. My inspiration came from model Dita Von Teese and her appeal with 1940’s fashion. 


Dita's Cinematic and retro style inspired me to create an Avant Garde fashion head-shot portraying the veil fashion of that time with an innovative twist. Dita Von Teese loves wearing veils and hats and always manages to pull off the Old Hollywood vintage chic fashion. I like how the veil gives a since of mystery and glamor as well as coverage to the face by hiding something, while at the same time being noticeable. I love the 1940's fashion and took the element of the veil and paired it with a hat, to make it a current fashion look that shows edge and, femininity. I decided to interpret that look through makeup, and using make up as a fashion accessory again using the concept of mixing two elements. I drew the diagonal lines of the veil with a black eyeliner pencil to create the fishnet for the veil. For an extra touch of that old Hollywood glamor I then added some bling with the diamonds on the top of my head. I chose a gold neutral eye shadow for the lids because I wanted to show a closed eye look. I purposefully didn't draw the diagonal lines across the eyelids to show a veil with holes for the eyes. I topped the look off with a pop of color using cherry red lipstick. I did a little magic in Photo-shop and Vuuuala you have my interpretation of an Avant Garde fashion head-shot. I hope you ladies enjoyed this post and try vintage inspired fashions, or Avant Garde make up designs; maybe not as over the top as this look, but give it a go, maybe wear a veil for that elegant glamorous look.


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