Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick Hairstyles

Oh no my alarm didn’t go off, I’ve woken up late and I don’t have much time to get ready, does this sound like you some days? These are some quick and stylish hairstyles that you could try when you’re on the run and don’t have a lot of time being if your late for work, school, or any occasion.

What you will need:

  1. Bobby pins
  2. Rat-tail comb
  3. Brush
  4. Ponytail holders
  5. Hairspray
  6. Styling Product

#1. Half up/Half down- It doesn’t matter if you have straight, curly, or wavy hair for this style. Brush your hair quickly and then apply your favorite styling product all over. Next you want to take your rat tail comb and make a side part on your hair and take the front sections of hair on each side and braid them or twist them back; you want to pin them down in the back or the sides of your head with bobby pins. Spray a little bit of hair spray and your'e done. This  hairstyle pulls your hair away from your face giving you a clean look.

#2. Poof/ Pulled back- A simple poof or pulled back look is a quick hairstyle to achieve. Brush your hair, and apply your fav styling product. Take a section from the front of your head and brush it forward spray hairspray in the back of the section of hair take your Rat-tail comb and tease it to your desire, comb that section back and pin it the middle of the crown or further back if you’d like. You could also try this look just pulled and pin to the back.

#3. Chic Ponytail Bun-  The first thing that you want to do is to brush or comb your hair to get out any knots or tangles and apply fav styling product. You then want to brush your hair into a high ponytail for school or the weekend or low ponytail more preferable for work, I like wearing this look for school in a high ponytail. Once you’ve brushed your hair to your desired pony tail height, you then want to take a ponytail holder and pull and tie into a ponytail. Spray a little bit of hairspray at the top of your ponytail, and then take your teasing comb and tease the top of the pony tail. Wrap your hair around the ponytail holder and pin the ends of your hair in the ponytail holder. This could be a messy or slick bun.


  1. This is the story of my life. I'm glad to see you have some quickie hairstyles too. My hair product that I absolutely cannot live without is Dry Shampoo! It's definitely the best thing ever invented for us girls who have greasy mcneasy hair after one day, which makes morning quickie styles extremely hard to pull off! I use one from ulta, which I cannot think of the name of it right now, but it comes in different colors so you never have the grey haired look that you can sometimes get with these! Very cute, simple, and easy styles to pull of quick! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I absolutely love this post i'm constantly looking for new ways to wear my hair since i chopped it off. These hairstyles work great for short hair. Thanks for the tips!


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