Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring 2011 Fashion Trends

Hi Ladies don’t know what to buy or wear this upcoming Spring season? Well I am here to solve your dilemma and rave about some Fashion weeks Spring 2011 wearable fashion trends. You can incorporate these fashion looks for your  lifestyle, may that be for work, school, or a date night out.

High-waisted flare jeans
Out with the skinny jeans and in with the high waisted jeans with a flare leg. Incorporate this chic 70’s trend for school or a date night by wearing a flowy blouse tucked in your pants with some high wedge heels to make you look long, slim and fabulous this spring.
Left: Gap-$79.50, Middle: Derek Iam Runway, Right: Urban Outfitters-$49
Mixed Prints
This spring be a rebel and mix two prints together if you want to make a statement. This Fashion Week many designers showcased mixed prints. The tip for wearing mixed prints this spring is to stick to one or two colors in the same color hue; so you won’t look like who did it and why???. Lols
Left: Google images, Right: Forever 21 dress, Dorothy Perkins

 Neutral tops or bottoms for spring are perfect for the natural spring look, in different shades of cream, sand, beige, light browns which ever color you prefer. Neutrals will give you a classic chic look this spring. You could wear a sand colored skirt with a beige top and a black blazer for work and still look trendy. For those ladies who think neutrals will wash you out, wear it with another color, like a pop of red. 
Left: Zara, Middle: Rebecca Taylor,  Right: Chloe top & bottom, Dorothy Perkins blazer, Nordstorm shoe

Big Bangles
Big bangles are a quick and easy way to update your fashion looks this spring. Bangles will instantly make any of your outfit stand out this spring. With a wide variety of inexpensive bangles available you could mix and match bangles to coordinate with your outfits. Buy a couple of plastic or wooden bangles and stack them on your arm for school or date night; as for work how about just trying one statement bangle.
Left: Marc Jacobs Spring 11, Top Right: Aldo bangle set- $15, Bottom Right Forever 21 bangles $4.80/$6.80

Stripes are a very nautical chic fashion look. Put on a stripe skirt with a neutral top for the weekend beach trip. For school try mix and matching a solid bright colored cardigan or blazer over a striped top with blue jeans; choose solid bright colors you feel compliment your skin tone. For work try a striped skirt with a black top and blazer.  

Left: Macy's, Middle: Marc Jacobs, Right: Paul Chappells


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