Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring's Best Beauty Looks

Bright Eyes
Start of the season by vamping up your eye makeup, and try a bright and refreshed look. Say goodbye to brown and black makeup and give those colors a break. Welcome the spring season with vibrant orange hues and bright or warm yellow hues. These colors will sure to highlight your lash lines. For these bright eye looks make sure to apply an eye shadow primer or a concealer of your choice to brighten up the liner or eye shadow. Using a primer or base will also prevent smudging and creasing on your lids throughout the day.
Matte Lipstick
No more slick and shiny lips that you have to reapply or that smudges off.  Your may be in love with glossy lips, but for this spring stand out with matte lips, feel confident. Apply the same lip pencil color all over your lips and then try a  fuchsia or magenta shade of matte lipstick; this will give you a brilliant matte effect that will last. You can also apply your favorite lipstick and then apply a loose powder or an eye shadow powder over the lip color, try this with a classic red lip.

Super-Sized Hair
This season big frizzy voluminous hair is in style. If your hair is natural curly and poofy stop straightening it and wear it natural for this spring 2011. If you don’t have naturally big hair you could boost your roots by spraying your damp hair with a volumizer, then blow-dry and scrunch your hair for a curly frizzy look. To get the kinky look take a crimp iron and crimp your hair in sections and softly brush out. You can also tease your hair to make it really super-sized. Try this look with your hair down or pull hair half-up and smooth the top with hairspray.

Green eyes/ Neutral Lips
Go green even if it’s with makeup, green is this springs IT eye makeup color . You could try this green color in many different shades, just choose a green that compliments your skin tone.Choose from a light green to a darker forest green. Try a vibrant emerald green which I find compliments many skin tones and is one of my favorite eye makeup looks. You should incorporate a gold or silver highlight blended towards the brow bone, and finish off with a nude lipstick. 
I Hope you ladies liked these Beauty advice and tips and try these Springs Beauty Looks.


  1. Love this green eye shadow on Chanel Iman! It really compliments her skintone, didnt know if its a color I would try but I think using a "less is more" mentality I could make it work!

  2. We absolutely love the red lip! After attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NY last week, the two of us could not stop chattering about how much we love the use of red for next Fall and not only that, the use of red on lips for RIGHT NOW! Brittney Snow was one of the guests at Vera Wang's show, and she could not have done the red lip better! She paired this bold look with a simple white dress, a clean face and a wispy-bun... the look was stunning, and with that, we're absolutely inspired!

  3. I love all of these beauty looks for spring! I can not wait to try out the green eyes and matte lips! Thanks for the tips!

  4. definitely gonna try out the eye makeup...


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