Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fashion Styling - Designer's Voice

Designer Kilian Kerner
Hi Fashion ravers, I’ve been working on several fashion projects for school and I am excited about this particular project and would like to share it with you. I and my awesome partner Jillian McConnell were assigned a project in which we had to create a 45 sec promo video featuring a designer of our choice. We chose an up and coming designer Kilian Kerner, who is a German fashion designer from Cologne Germany. He studied drama in Berlin and lives on emotions, and his clothing and fashion shows portrays various emotions. Kilian Kerner started his own fashion label in 2004; he designs for women’s wear and men’s wear. Killian Kerner’s women’s wear is romantic, feminine, and is inspired from Grecian designs and gives a sensual feel. His men's wear is more focused on detail in tailoring as well as casual fashions. You could say his is a minimalist with a chic flare. Killian Kerner is famous for incorporating live music at his fashion shows, he features music from underground indie bands from Berlin on stage as models walk the runway. I did research on various fashion collection Killian Kerner has and selected inspirational photos that portrays the voice of the designer which we would later style for our video.     
Our Kilian Kerner fashion photo inspirations from various collections

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