Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fashion Styling Video-Blissful Escape

Hello everyone so continuing with my previous blog post I and partner Jillian McConnell were inspired by a video that designer Killian Kerner had already made  featuring some of his spring/summer 2010 collection. In the video he features the indie Berlin band Mor La Peach. The video took place on a windy beach natural setting. 
Our group decided it would be best to use the aspects we saw to our advantage. To achieve the natural setting we saw in our inspiration video we chose to shoot our video at a park against the tree line and in the forest itself. We chose a male and a female model as well, our fabulous models were Lisette Ocampo and Ryan Jones.I bought the dress that our model wore and bought yards of fabric which Jillian sewed and draped over the dress, she was also our videographer. Ryan Jones had a fab wardrobe selection so he brought his outfit. I did the models hair and Mai Lee Vang did the makeup. To give the windy effect, we used foam core boards to create wind. Our models had many open and free movements to portray a blissful emotion. So our overall theme was Blissful escape, which is described as the following: Escape from your world. Throw away the everyday stresses of life and take a nature getaway. Relax and feel the bliss of a peaceful environment.

           I loved my team, Right: Ryan Jones and Me, Middle Jillian McConnell and Mai Lee Vang, Right: Lisette Ocampo. Everyone did a wonderful job.


  1. Great job, I enjoyed watching your designer video it looks very nice.

  2. Thank you,good ppl and alot of work went into the process for the final video. Im glad you enjoyed it.


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