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Green is the New Black: Ad campaign

Last quarter for my Principles of Advertising class, my group and I had the opportunity to create a mock advertising campaign for Runway to Green; which had "29 top designers in the fashion industry staging a runway show to raise money for environmental education and awareness programs. The designers also agreed to participate in the Natural Resources Defense Council's Clean by Design program, which will teach them how to integrate greener practices into many aspects of their businesses, from raw materials, fabric finishing and production, to packaging, recycling and shipping". 

Huff Post Style: Green is the New Black
Our ad campaigns goal was to create a widespread awareness and interest about Eco-friendly fashion in the Charlotte, NC community, and host an event such as Runway to Green here locally. We wanted customers to get excited about “doing their part” and becoming involved with environmental practices. For our campaign we hosted a “green” fashion show at South Park Mall. My group and I did research and conducted surveys to become knowledgeable about our target market, venues, retailers, sponsors, and created a creative brief for our objectives.

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The group wanted a name that combined Eco friendly with fashion, so we agreed to go with the concept and name the fashion show event “Green is the New Black” with the tagline “Changing the World with Style. The event would take place in South Park Mall on Saturday, September 24, 2011. We would collaborate with retailers in the mall who currently sell Eco-friendly merchandise such as Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, as well as use clothing from local designers/retailers. I had the opportunity to create the logo and media graphics in Photoshop that would be featured for our social media on Facebook, Twitter, our YouTube channel and Website that we created on For our ad campaign “Green is the Black” we would have “Teasers” advertisements beginning in June on the digital posters in South Park Mall as well as on the South Park Website and on our social media sites. We would reveal one puzzle piece first then the other puzzle pieces would be added sporadically with in the week leading up to the event then eventually revealing our fashion show event.

Green is the New Black Ad and Logo

Green is the New Black Facebook fan page

Visit the Green is the New Black website

We had several sponsors for the event that promote and sell eco friendly merchandise such as Trader Joes, and Whole Foods. We also had Simon Mall, and Clean by Design as sponsors. At the fashion show event we would have a 1 minute video presentation about Runway to Green and Green is the New Black in the beginning of the event to educate the audience. At the event we would be giving out eco friendly Green is the New Black tote bags with stuffers from featured retailers and sponsors. We would give out T-shirts at the end of the event and also sell them afterwards in our information booth. We wanted Green is the new Black to be positioned as a fresh, modern idea to help preserve the environment through the fashion industry. Overall, I had fun creating this ad campaign and our teacher loved our campaign and wishes this event would come to reality. 
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