Friday, November 18, 2011

❤ Feathers ❤

I love feathers, I've been really into feathers lately and have been inspired to wear feathers this month. I tried clip on feather hair extensions, in which I added an extra pop of color to my black hair. Feather hair extensions have transcended from summer to fall and winter. There are many feather extensions available online, in hair salons, malls and local beauty supplies stores. The clip on feather hair extensions I thought would be easier to put on and take out whenever I wanted. You could buy real bird feathers or synthetic feathers which are more cost effective.

You could try feathers in hot fall colors like oranges,browns, mustard yellows and reds to set the color theme for the season, but you don't necessarily have to stick to these colors. Try different colored feathers and see what fits your personality. I love these royal purple feather earrings I'm wearing below, especially because purple is my favorite color. The feather necklaces featured below are very bold and chic, so pick feather necklaces that will compliment various outfits in your wardrobe. Feather earrings and necklaces can be found just about everywhere in wide assortments.

                        Top Shop                                                                                           Forever 21                                                    
Condition Culture                                                                               Finefeatherheads
                   Splendora                                                   Style Hive: Charlotte Russe                               Forever 21

The fun thing about feathers is that you can glam up a fashion look or create a laid back bohemian look.

Which feather accessory was your favorite ?



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  2. Loooove your purple feather earings.

  3. Thanks Jersey Blogess, their my fav.

  4. I love feathers too!! I want to get a couple of clip-on feather extensions!!

  5. Great Post Thanks so much.

    Love S.

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  7. Hi Dany! I love your outfit posts on your blog. You have such great style, and I think feathers would look great in your hair. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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  9. I love feather it's so fun!
    I wear a stud in one ear and the feather on the other to accent it :)


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