Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top 5 Winter Must Haves

Happy Winter 2012 Everybody! Here in Charlotte North Carolina the real cold winter weather seems to just be getting started. Well now that it's actually here, this calls for an update in my fashion wardrobe. Below are my top 5 winter must haves this season. These key pieces will definitely update your wardrobe and keep you fashionably warm too.  
1. Cowl-Neck Sweater 
Cowl-neck sweaters are the perfect alternative to your classic turtle neck sweater. The cowl-neck sweater is this season’s IT sweater style.These sweaters have a draped casual neckline which brings attention to your face. You can find these sweaters in a variety of colors and styles. Below are some cowl-neck sweaters and the top of my gold metallic cowl-neck sweater.

Charcoal Slouchy Cowl Neck Sweater             Karen Kane Cowl Neck Sweater                Vintage Cowl Neck Sweater
               @                                                 @ Nordstrom                                                     
2. Faux Black Leather Jacket
A faux black leather jacket is perfect for many seasons. This winter pull out or get a thicker leather jacket to keep warm. The faux black leather jacket is very versatile and comes in different styles such as the Moto or Bomber.You can give any outfit an edge this winter with a black leather jacket, wear  it with dresses, with jeans, leggings you name it.

            Moto Faux Leather Jacket                      Black Faux Leather Jacket                          Xhilaration Bomber Jacket   
                        @                                             @                                                  @Target

3. Corduroy Pants
Corduroy pants are a chic must have this winter. Cords are warmer than your regular pair of jeans so they will keep your legs warm in the colder weather. These pants are available in many colors and styles, such as neutrals or brights, skinny, flared and boot cut styles.  

KUT from the Kloth Skinny Corduroys       J Brand Ali High-Rise Corduroys      KUT from the Kloth Skinny Corduroys
                @ Nordstroms                                                  @                                          @ Nordstroms

4. Faux Fur 
Faux fur pieces are all the rage this winter. Try a faux fur trim cape which adds a little bit of glamor if you’re not ready for a full on faux fur piece. My favorite is the  faux fur vest which is a great layering piece to go under coats or over sweaters. Add a hint of glam with a faux fur stole to accessorize your dress for an elegant look.

Faux Fur Trim Cape @ Victoria Secret                Sabine Feather Fur Vest            Blonde Fur Stole @

5. Circle Scarves
Now that the cold weather has arrived I grab my circle scarf to keep warm. Circle scarves give a modern vibe to your outfit. You could wear your favorite circle scarf over your coats, cardigans and sweaters. Wrap the circle scarf two or three times around your neck for a warm comfy fit. For a head wrap you can hang the entire loop over your head covering your ears and wrap it once or twice around your neck, depending on the length.

   Wool Sleeve Eternity Scarf                Slouchy Circle Scarf @ Banana Republic                  The Unisex Circle Scarf
          @ Urban Outfitters                                                                                                                      @ American Apparel   

Show off you style this winter, even when it’s freezing cold outside.



  1. Girl, it is freezing 'round here ain't it. North Carolina is not supposed to get this cold! All of these items are must haves. I still haven't found a fur vest that doesn't make me look like a bear. Good picks..

  2. Yes! This cold weather doesn't play around. I'm glad you think these winter must haves are good picks. Thanks girl!


  3. I love the American Apparel circle scarf, definitely a good must have for winter.

  4. The circle scarf is awesome! It keeps me warm and comfy, glad you loved it.



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