The purpose of my blog Fashion Rave is to advice young women who are in college, who are just out of college, the young professional starting her career, as well as the fashionista on various fashion looks from the runway, magazines, and from the past. With Fashion Rave I want to show young women how they can recreate unique looks to fit their lifestyle and their budgets. Fashion Rave is about past and the latest trends in fashion and beauty that are affordable and easy to achieve in unique ways. I want to give fashion advice that empowers young women to feel beautiful and fierce in their appearance, so that they can look good as well as feel confident in themselves. I want young female readers to be able to flaunt their outer beauty as well as their inner beauty. Readers will walk away with unique and different ideas for their ideal fashion look that will be chic for their lifestyle, while displaying their style personalities. Young women will walk away with an open mind to experiment with different aspect of fashion and beauty.

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I'm a 25 year old Fashion/Beauty blogger from Charlotte, NC.